A Simple Garden Tool

A Simple Garden Tool
When spring arrives there will be so much work to do taking care of those flower beds and planting our gardens. 

Spreading the mulch, and pulling the weeds, Oh! So much work to do.

Time to get the garden tools out of the garage and go to work. I have so many handy garden tools; one of my favorites is just so simple. My foam kneeling pad is the tool I use almost every time I’m in the yard.

Foam kneeling pads are so handy especially when planting flowers, and vegetable plants in the garden, or pulling weeds. These handy kneeling pads will save your knees and back.

I’ve ruined a few pairs of jeans working in the garden. And, if you’re out there working in shorts forget it!! Just Use the comfort of a foam kneeling pad.

I also keep one for jobs inside the house. Such as, washing the baseboards; scrubbing the kitchen floor. Why kneel on a hard surface when you can have the comfort of kneeling on foam. These are perfect to use to paint the baseboard or trim work in low spots.

There are no batteries to charge, no cords to plug in, and no maintenance whatsoever. Keep these kneeling pads handy in the garage or inside the house. This is one low-cost handy garden tool.


  1. Fully agree. I had a great one for the kitchen but someone took it outside and runied it. Must get a new one.

  2. Definitely a handy and helpful item for any chore inside or outside. Thanks, Sam.


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