How to Restore Outdoor Metal Furniture

restoring outdoor metal furniture
My chairs and table edge looking like new

I really can’t remember how long that we have had our outdoor dining set, it has to be at least ten years old.

The table is a glass top with a trimmed metal edge. The chairs are cloth seats with metal frames. Over the years the weather and wear and tear have taken its toll on our outdoor furniture.

At the end of last summer season, I had all intentions of getting rid of it and buying a new set. After pulling it out of storage and taking a look at it I decided that I could restore this and make it look like new again. 

There was some rust on the edge of the table and on the chair legs. This is a really easy do-it-yourself project. With a few easy steps and about four hours of my time I have it looking like new.  

Here is what I did: To Restore my outdoor metal furniture:

I am very happy with the outcome of my project, I think my outdoor dining set will go on for another few years. 
With a few inexpensive materials, I saved myself a whole lot of money.

Spring Clean Up with 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner

One gallon bottle of 30 second outdoor cleaner

Finally, here in Western New York we are starting to get some nice weather. Although it has been a pretty mild winter here.

When the warmer weather arrives it is time for outdoor clean up. We have a really nice big deck to enjoy the beautiful weather on its way. 

During the fall and winter months the drip edge and gutters seem to build up with dirt and mildew. I think it is because we have a couple of big trees close to the house. 

Every spring I spend time and energy cleaning the drip edge and gutters along the back side of the house. I have used scrub brushes and all kind of cleaners, but never seem to get it all clean.

This year I found this amazing product, 30 Seconds Outdoor cleaner, and it does exactly that. All I had to do was spray this on with a garden sprayer, wait 30 seconds and rinse it off with a hose. The dirt and mildew was gone; it was that easy.

I also used 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner to clean my deck and it was the easiest job ever, although I did spray it on and used my deck brush as directed.  No pressure washer or heavy scrubbing, just spray it on and a quick brushing with the deck brush and then rinse it off, it is amazing.

This product is great for all of your outdoor cleaning projects, Wood, Paint, Concrete, Metal, Vinyl, Cloth, and Plastic. 

30 Second Outdoor Cleaner is made right here in the USA and is manufactured in Oregon. On the bottle it says “The Original Since 1977”. 

What I can’t believe is that I have never heard of the product before now. It was so easy to use and works so well. If you have ever used this product or have a better idea for outdoor clean up, please let me know.

Be sure to read all of the cautions on the label. The label does state "do not leave on plants for more than 10 minutes". Here is a link for more information on the product.

Family fun with an Outdoor Fire Pit

Tyler by the fire with his marshmallow

If you enjoy the great outdoors, then you probably love to go camping. The best part of camping for me was when the sun started to set, then I knew it was getting close to starting the campfire.

When our daughter had a house right on the shores of Lake Chautauqua in Western New York we made a whole bunch of memories around the campfire.

The picture above is our grandson Tyler with marshmallow in hand and ready for roasting. Now that she has moved we still continue the fun with our outdoor fire pit that she bought me for Father’s Day last year.

If you are one of those Do-It-Yourself kind people and don’t mind the time and a little work, you can build your own fire pit. If you need help here is a link complete with materials and instructions.

Soon here in Western New York the weather will be warming up and then it will be time for our family fun around the fire. 

Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows are certainly on the list along with some fun and scary campfire stories.  If you happen to be short on campfire stories you can find many fun and scary stories on line, here is a link to some great stories for around the campfire.

Some pictures from last years weekend fun

Cooking over the campfire is another favorite camping experience, now you can enjoy campfire meals right from your own back yard. Of course you will find many campfire recipes on line, here is yet another link for campfire recipes.

One of my favorites are “Mountain Pies” also known as “Hobo Pies”. What’s that? You have never heard of either one of these? Let me explain, to make these tasty little treats you need Pie Irons.

A typical fruit mountain pie consists of two slices of bread, some butter, a table spoon or two of your favorite fruit filling, and if you like add some cheddar cheese, apple and cheddar cheese is a good one to start with.

 Now butter one side of two slices of bread, place the butter side out on each side of the pie iron. Add your fillings, close the iron and cook on the hot coals of the fire, turning frequently.

 You may start off by burning a couple of them but don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it. My favorite is a pizza mountain pie with tomato sauce, pepperoni, and cheese.

I’m certainly looking forward to using my fire pit very soon right here in my own back yard. These fire pits and all of the accessories make great gifts for Father’s Day, birthdays or any time of the year.

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