Indoor Wireless Outlets

A remote and wireless outlet
Indoor wireless outlets are just another piece of amazing technology.

Pictured here are my remote with a handy keychain and one of my wireless outlets.

What can you do with wireless outlets? Well, let me tell you. You can use your handy remote to turn on any electronic device that you may desire.

A lamp for across the room, your stereo or radio to turn on some music, a space heater that you may only want to turn on for a little while and then off again.

 My wireless outlets have a range of 80  ft. with 2 plugs in each of the three receivers.

Think about the safety aspect of wireless outlets. You can turn on a lamp in another room before you walk in. You may not have a light switch near you entry door, and if you're coming home in the dark it's just the push of a button on the remote to turn on a light.

We have a poll lamp behind a chair in our living room. Every time we needed some light somebody had to squeeze behind the chair to turn it on.

Our son was visiting last year and I think he got tired of hearing me complain about the poll lamp. So he went out and bought us a set of indoor wireless outlets.

We also have a small bedroom in the house with no wall switch. I plugged in a lamp and now can turn on the light from anywhere in the house.

My wireless outlets were a huge help with the Christmas tree this year. Our tree has all white lights but the kids really like the multi-colored lights.

I set the tree up and plugged it into one wireless outlet. I wrapped multi-colored lights around the tree and plugged them into another wireless outlet.

 So now we have white lights, or multi-colored lights, or both with just a push of the button on the remote.

I recommend wireless outlets if you happen to have any of these situations in your home, they sure do come in handy.

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How to re-key with Kwikset

I've always been sort of a do it yourself kind of guy. Over the years I think I've become a Jack of all Trades and a master of none.

A while ago my garage door knob broke, it jammed to the point where I couldn't get into the garage. It's a good thing my car was out in the driveway so I could use my garage door remote to get in.

So now I had to completely remove the door knob and replace it with a new one. The only problem was that I wanted the new one to be keyed the same as all the other locks on the house.

In all my years of DIY, I had no idea of how to re-key a new lock. I thought for sure that I needed to call a  locksmith to do this for me.

So I went to the hardware store and found a door knob that matched the old one. I asked if they could re-key the lock to my current key, and the answer was "no we don't do that here". Then he said,"why don't you buy a Kwikset with their smart key technology you can re-key it yourself ".

Well, I guess that you do learn something new every day because I've never heard of this technology. After he explained how easy it was I decided to buy it. I've installed door knobs before but that wasn't the part that I was worried about.

Now it was time to re-key this thing so I followed the simple instructions and using a handy little tool that was included with the door knob and my new lock was re-keyed in about 10 seconds.

I thought Wow!! that was really easy so I tried all of my current keys just to make sure and they all work. Now I'm back to one key that fits all of my locks and that's just the way I like it.

There are many reasons that you may want to re-key a lock and you can with Kwikset Smart Key Technology.

Kwikset Smart Key Technology provides many options

Garage Organization Ideas

Garden tool wall rack
Do you have a garage that your car won't fit into? Well, I do, every spring and summer when the weather gets nice enough to leave the car in the driveway I begin to clutter up my garage.

I clutter up my garage with wood for our outdoor fire pit, lawn tools, our grandchildren's outside toys, and whatever else I'm working on for my spring and summer projects.

So that means there is no room for the car. Not to worry though as fall the season approaches I clean up the garage so I can get the car back in. I know the snow will be flying soon and there is no way that I want to be cleaning snow off of the car early in the morning.

It seems that every year that I have something new to store away for the winter.

This year I bought a new eight-foot step ladder, something I desperately needed to clean out my gutters.

So I picked up this series of hooks and hung the ladder from existing shelves on the wall.

These hooks a so handy and can be used to hang a variety of things. Luckily there are engineers who think of these handy organizers just for people like me. I clean up my workbench using clear drawer bins for small screws, nuts, bolts, and nails.

You can also find overhead ceiling storage racks, wall shelves, sports equipment storage, and so much more.

Maybe someday I'll have my garage organized to the point where I can keep my car in it all year long. Until then I'll just keep organizing every fall season with these handy tools.

Warm Winter Apparel

Warm Winter Apparel
We all know that winter is on the way. Winter can be pretty brutal here in Western New York. We sure do get our fair share of cold and snow.

This is our grandson, helping to shovel the snow off of the deck. Oh yes, some years we get plenty of it.

When the cold and snow comes our way soon we certainly want to be prepared with our warm winter apparel.

I am really not looking forward to the cold weather, I get really frustrated at times getting into the car with my winter coat on and then trying to buckle the seat belt.

When the time comes I'll be wearing my Columbia Sportswear winter coat. I can't tell you how long that I've had this coat but I know it has been many years. My coat has kept me warm on many of cold winter days.

Warmest Winter Coats for Women:

Warmest Winter Coats for Men:

Dressing for Winter Activities:

There are plenty of winter activities in our area with several ski resorts, snowmobile trails, and winter festivals. If you are going to be out in the cold weather for any length of time the idea is to dress in layers.

I'm not an expert on how to dress in layers for cold weather. If you're not sure on how to dress in layers. Here is a link that can help guide you to the proper method.

Hats, Hoodies, and Fleeces:

It may be a myth, but I know when my feet are cold I seem to be cold all over. They say that for socks thicker is not better, and stay away from cotton, use a wool. Then, of course, you'll want to have a good winter boot.

Winter Boots:

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