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An Enemy Like Me Book Review
An Enemy Like Me, a novel by Teri M. Brown, is a book that held my interest from the very first page to the last.

Jacob Miller, a first-generation American, was raised by his mother through the Great Depression in a small German immigrant town in Ohio.

Jacob meets and marries Bonnie, and they have a son William. Jacob, Bonnie, and William are living their dream life until the unthinkable happens. 

The Japanese Empire bombs Pearl Harbor and the country is at war in both Europe and the Pacific.

Jacob, being of German descent, is already concerned for himself and his family with Germany and the Nazis invading Europe. 

After Jacob's friend is sent to an internment camp for enemy combatants. He is torn between staying home and protecting his family and proving he is a patriot by going off to war.

Teri M. Brown takes us through the lives of Jacob, Bonnie, and William from the time of the Great Depression to the present day 2016. She gives us an in-depth look at the joys, pain, and anguish of each of these real-life characters and the lasting impact of war on not only the soldiers but their families.

As I read page after page, I kept thinking of my father, and my uncles who served. The pain my grandparents, father, and uncles must have felt when they received the news that my uncle Sam's plane had been shot down. Then, the joy they must have had when they found out he was alive but a prisoner of war. Then, the worry of him being a prisoner of war.

If you are a fan of historical fiction then, this book is for you. I could not stop reading until I finished it. Thank you, Teri M. Brown.

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I was introduced to An Enemy Like Me by a friend's review of this book. You can read her review here: Book Review of An Enemy Like Me on

An Enemy Like MeAn Enemy Like MeAn Enemy Like Me


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