Replacing Washing Machine Hoses

Stainless steel washing machine hoses
How often do you inspect the water supply hoses on your washing machine?

Washing machine hose failure is among the top five reasons for home water damage.

Whether you have the washing machine on the first floor or in the basement of your home the damage can be costly.

When should you replace washing machine hoses? 

  • You should replace the hoses every (5) years.
  • Replace hoses if you move the washing machine to another location.
  • When you buy a new machine always buy new hoses.
We just recently purchased a new washing machine and I didn't replace the hoses. The other day I happened to be in the laundry room. I noticed the washing machine's hot water hose was all swelled up and ready to burst.

Lucky for me that I saw this in time. I turned off the water supply and made a trip to the hardware store for new hoses.

Replacing washing machine water supply hoses is a very easy do-it-yourself project. You can buy rubber washing machine hoses or stainless steel washing machine hoses, I bought the rubber.

 First, make sure that you turn off the water supply. Then unscrew the hoses from the water supply and then the back of the washing machine. You won't need any special plumbing tools, just a pair of adjustable pliers or vise grips.

Irwin 15-9LN Vise Grip 2-7/8-Inch Jaw Capacity 9-Inch Long NoseIrwin 15-9LN Vise Grip 2-7/8-Inch Jaw Capacity 9-Inch Long Nose
I just had one small problem. My washing machine hose connections on the back of the washing machine are inset about 2 inches.

 So my normal vice grips were too big to fit and turn the hose fittings.

I needed a pair of long-nose vice grips as you see in this picture. Once I had this tool the job was simple.

It's a good idea to inspect your water supply line on the washing machine often.

Some other tips are: Never stretch or pull the hoses and make sure you don't have any sharp bends in the hoses.

Now that you've read this post, take a minute and go check your washing machine water supply hoses.


  1. Very important reminder and information. Water damage is so expensive to repair.

    1. So true Dawn, I was really lucky that I caught mine before it burst. Thanks!!

  2. That is easy to overlook. Thanks for the reminder! Will share this.

    1. Yes, It is an easy one to overlook Peggy. Thanks for stopping by and sharing :)

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