Benefits of using a Steam Mop

Bissell Steam Mop

There are so many benefits of using a steam mop to clean your floors. We had a Shark Steam Mop for years and it finally wore out.

We didn't buy a new one until recently and I really don't know why because steam mops are so much easier to use.

These are the benefits of using a steam mop: 
  • Oh, my aching body, scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees is really hard work. The older I get the harder it became. Well, I could always have Fran do the floors but that wouldn't be fair.
  • Then there are all of those cleaners that you have to buy. So, we are saving money on cleaning supplies.
  • All of those cleaners contain chemicals that may not be safe to be breathing in. When we're finished scrubbing the floor we have to dump a dirty bucket of water with those chemicals in them. Is this really good for the environment?  
  • A Steam cleaner leaves a nice fresh smell and sanitizes the floor at the same time.
  • My favorite is that the floor dries really fast, and I don't have Fran yelling at me to not walk on the floor yet.
What are the Best Steam Mops:

The best steam mop depends on your preference. You can easily type a search for steam mop reviews and become overwhelmed with the choices.

Fran did a lot of research on the best steam mops and came up with the Bissell PowerFresh as our choice. We put this to use as soon as we got it out of the box well, Fran did not me. It was very easy to assemble at least that's what Fran told me.

You can look up all of the features of this Bissell Steam Mop. The one we like the best is the fragrance pads they leave a nice clean smell throughout the house.

Here are some choices of the best steam mops:


  1. I recently bought a Shark Professional steam mop. So far it's not exactly what I expected, but it's better than using my hands and knees.

    1. Yes, Barbara for sure better than scrubbing on your hands and knees. We Got the Bissell because it was the top rated steam mop. My wife did all the research not me. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week :)

  2. We had a steam mop, not this brand but it broke. Doing the old fashion way until I save up for a better model!

  3. We had a steam mop, not this brand but it broke. Doing the old fashion way until I save up for a better model!

    1. We found this Bissell to be rated one of the best. Good luck Ginger and thanks for stopping by :) Have a great weekend.

  4. they are great because you don't have to use your hands

    1. Staying off your hands and knees is a big plus. These Steam Mops really work nice. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Sam. I am certainly going to give this a try.


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