Disney Frozen Halloween Costumes

Disney Movie Frozen

In 2013 the Disney movie Frozen captured the hearts of children everywhere, I think even most adults would agree that it was an inspiration to sisterly love.

The Story Line of the Movie:

Elsa is the Princess of Arendelle, and has the power to produce snow and ice at will. Elsa, while creating snow and ice for her younger sister Anna to play with accidentally injures her. The king and queen worry that Elsa will not be able to control her magic powers so they separate the sisters.

Elsa spends most of her time alone in her room, as she fears she can’t control her powers, and worries she may hurt Anna again.  The king and queen die at sea, and as Elsa comes of age it is time for her coronation. 

Anna is excited to be out of the castle explores the town. She meets a prince and quickly falls in love. Elsa refuses to give the happy couple her blessing and the sisters argue. Elsa can’t control her powers creating a frozen Arendelle, the whole city has been frozen and it continues to snow.

One of the guests, the Duke of Weselton announces that Elsa is a monster. Elsa panics, and flees Arendelle to left alone, she has no idea what she has done.

Anna is bound and determined to find her sister, repair the damage done by the argument, and bring Elsa back to Arendelle. 

While getting supplies Anna meets Kristoff and his reindeer Sven. She convinces Kristoff to guide her on her journey to find Elsa. Along the way, they meet Olaf, the childhood imaginary snowman that Elsa and Anna created. Olaf comes to life and helps them find Elsa, who is living far up north is the ice castle that she has created for herself to live alone.

Oh well, I’ll stop here in case you haven’t seen this wonderful movie. I can tell you there is much more to the movie than this. You will find greed and deceit by others throughout the movie, so you’ll have to see it to witness the blockbuster ending. 

I think Frozen is a wonderful movie the whole family can enjoy, and the music throughout this movie is just amazing.

As with all hit movies, especially Disney, they generate many wonderful products including Halloween costumes.

 Our precious granddaughter loves Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. She has dolls, castles, clothes, and her room is even decorated in a Frozen theme.

Your little Princess would look great as Elsa, Anna, or how about the fun and happy snowman Olaf.  Frozen Halloween costumes are a sure hit, even for adults going to a costume party.  


  1. That movie was the best Disney has made for some time. Our grandkids loved it - and so did we!

    1. I do agree Bill, we also loved it and even have the sound track. Thanks for stopping by.


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