Monday, May 8, 2017

Salamander Dance Children's Book Review

yellow spotted salamander facts

Salamander Dance is a great and fun way to introduce your children to nature. We picked this book up last year at a local nature reserve Roger Tory Peterson Institute.

We read it to our youngest grandson Tyler over and over again. He just can't seem to get enough of it, he learns something new every time we read it, I also learned some things reading Salamander Dance.

The book is well illustrated and well written. Teaching us the life cycle of the spotted salamander. 

From the time they leave their woodland homes and travel to the early spring time vernal pools. This is where they perform their annual Salamander Dance at the bottom of the pools.

Vernal pools fill with water from the melting snow and the early spring rains and then dry up in the summer. 

Within three days the females lay their eggs attaching them to twigs and branches at to bottom of the pools. The young salamanders are born with gills so they can breathe under water.

When spring moves into summer the vernal pools begin to dry up. The young salamanders lose their gills and grow lungs so they can breathe on land. They can now leave the dried up pools and find their woodland homes.

spotted salamander fun facts

Almost every page has spotted salamander pictures in their natural habitat.

I learned so much myself from this book. And, I highly recommend Salamander Dance for the kids.

Can't wait? Buy it Now: Salamander Dance 

About the Author:

Salamander Dance was written by David FitzSimmons. He is a freelance writer and photographer. And, has written award-winning children's books about Curious Critters. His books have sold over 100,000 copies:

The Illustrator is Michael DiGiorgio he is nationally recognized as a nature artist.

More Children's books from David FitzSimmons

Friday, April 28, 2017

Disney Bedtime Favorites Books

Disney bedtime favorites books
Any parent or grandparent will love having Disney children favorites handy for bedtime.

We read many of these stories to our kids and now we get to read them to our grandchildren. How special is that?

Our oldest grandson Bobby has outgrown these bedtime stories but his little brother Tyler and our granddaughter Giada are a perfect age.

When we're having a fun sleepover and it's difficult to get them to go to bed we pick up our copy of Disney bedtime favorites. When they see the book they get excited to hear a story or two.

Disney children favorites
 Our copy has many of the Disney favorites with nineteen bedtime stories.

Mickey Mouse, Finding Nemo, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and so much more.

Along with the movies, this is a fun way to introduce the Disney characters to the children. The pictures are beautiful and very well illustrated making it easy to point out and learn the characters. Sometimes I try to mimic the characters voices. I'm not very good at this but it does make the kids laugh.

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The many editions of Disney Bedtime Favorites Books. Grab one today and enjoy the fun.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Humidors Why You Need One

top cigar humidors

Just like you keep your fine jewelry in a jewelry box, and other valuables in a safe place, you need to keep your cigars safe.

 Enter the Humidor, if you're a serious cigar smoker then I'm sure that you have a fine humidor to keep your beauties safe.

Temperature humidity controlled humidor:

This means keeping your cigars in a controlled dark environment, an environment that controls the climate. You need to keep your cigars in the same humid tropical environment that the tobacco plants grew in.

Some people believe that keeping cigars in a refrigerator will keep them fresh, this is a huge misconception, as the refrigerator will actually draw the moisture out of your cigars.

Humidity in a humidor:

Cigars are best stored at temperatures between 68-70 degrees, and 70-72 percent humidity this mirrors the climate that the tobacco was grown in.

 This environment will keep the cigars from becoming dry and brittle. So if you're new to the pleasure of smoking fine cigars you'll want to invest in a humidor.

Take your time and do some research. You don't have to spend a lot of money on a humidor. Your new humidor will probably come with a humidifying system to keep the air moist, and a hygrometer to measure the humidity. 

personalized cigar humidor
This picture is my personal humidor. Some of these cigars I've had for years in my humidor.

I prefer to unwrap my cigars before I put them in my humidor.

 In my opinion, the flavors of the different tobaccos seem to meld together.

Here are some great choices for beginners or the serious cigar smoker. These make great gifts for any occasion.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Benefits of using a Steam Mop

Bissell Steam Mop

There are so many benefits of using a steam mop to clean your floors. We had a Shark Steam Mop for years and it finally wore out.

We didn't buy a new one until recently and I really don't know why because steam mops are so much easier to use.

These are my benefits of using a steam mop: 
  • Oh, my aching body, scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees is really hard work. The older I get the harder it became. Well, I could always have Fran do the floors but that wouldn't be fair.
  • Then there are all of those cleaners that you have buy. So, we are saving money on cleaning supplies.
  • All of those cleaners contain chemicals of which may not be safe to be breathing in. When we're finished scrubbing the floor we have to dump a dirty bucket of water with those chemicals in them. Is this really good for the environment?  
  • A Steam cleaner leaves a nice fresh smell and sanitizes the floor at the same time.
  • My favorite is that the floor dries really fast, and I don't have Fran yelling at me to not walk on the floor yet.
What are the Best Steam Mops:

The best steam mop depends on your preference. You can easily type a search for steam mop reviews and become overwhelmed with the choices.

Fran did a lot of research on the best steam mops and came up with the Bissell PowerFresh as our choice. We put this to use as soon as we got it out of the box well, Fran did not me. It was very easy to assemble at least that's what Fran told me.

You can look up all of the features of this Bissell Steam Mop. The one we like the best is the fragrance pads they leave a nice clean smell throughout the house.

Here are some choices of the best steam mops:

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