How to Patch a large hole in plaster or drywall

Wire the wire mesh with a pencil
Secure the wire mesh with a pencil

Accidents do happen, maybe the kids were playing too hard, or you were moving some furniture around, banged into the wall and put a nice hole in it.

Not to worry these things do happen, we were moving into a new house, and ran right into a wall with a large dresser.

I’m talking about a large hole here one of those not so easy to just slap in some patching compound.

Time required for this DIY: 3-Days

Difficulty: easy

Materials you will need:
  • Patching plaster or dry wall compound
  • Some wire mesh
  • Small amount of water
  • Sand Paper
Tools Required:
  • 3-inch putty knife
  • 12-inch piece of wire
  • Pencil
  • Pliers
  • Spray bottle
  • Paint Brush
Here is how to do this, sorry the picture is not very good but it’s self-explanatory.

1. Remove any loose material from around the edges of the hole. Cut a piece of wire mesh bigger than the hole, and run the wire through one side and back out the to the front. Now push the wire mesh into the hole and pull tight towards you. Tie the pencil to the center keeping it tight against the wall.

2. Spray some water on the wire mesh and around the edges, not too much. Now apply a rough coat of patching plaster leaving a small space where the wire is tied to the pencil.

3. Allow the rough coat to dry thoroughly, remove the pencil and wire. Now apply your finish coat of patching plaster.

4. After the finish patch is dry, sand it smooth, and use a primer before applying a finish coat of paint. Congratulations you’ve patched a big hole in the wall. That was pretty easy don’t you think?

I sure hope this helped you, thanks for stopping by.

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