A Day Visiting Old Fort Niagara

Fran and I decided to take our two grandsons for a couple of days and visit the Niagara region.

 Our main goal was to visit Old Fort Niagara. The Fort is located in Youngstown, New York about 40 minutes away from Niagara Falls.

I had no idea that this fort even existed, and what an important role it played in our history. 

This was my second visit to the fort, and I learned more history here than I did from school.

 From the 18th to the 20th centuries the fort has been occupied by Native American Indians, French, British, and American forces. I can’t even begin to explain the history of Old Fort Niagara, so here is a link to visitor information and what you can expect to learn.

Our trip started off with a morning visit to the Falls, after all, you can’t be in Niagara without stopping to see the wonder of Niagara Falls.

 The kids had a great time, and it was Tyler’s first time seeing the falls.

Then it was off to the fort, after you buy your tickets for admission there is a 15-minute video on the history of Old Fort Niagara. This video is recommended and a must-see.

Then it is off the fort grounds. Bobby and Tyler at the entrance of the fort.

This two-story structure built by the French in 1726, was supposed to be a trading post with the Indians.

The Indians later found out out it was built more like a fort.

Inside redoubts, Bobby and Tyler standing next to a canon.

Between 1770 and 1771 the British built the North and South Redoubts. They are both separate buildings and are meant to be forts within a fort.

This British soldier demonstrates how to load and fire a musket.

Did you know? That the British soldier only received one uniform per year and had to wear it every day.

Made from 100% wool, wow! Okay for the winter but the summer months had to be really hot for these guys.

There is a daily demonstration of how a canon was fired on attacking warships from Lake Ontario.

The fort is located on the East bank of the Niagara River, and the mouth of Lake Ontario.

On a clear day, you can see all the way across the lake to the Toronto skyline, and it was a clear day on the day we visited.

The pictures above, known as the Earthworks, were constructed in 1757 through 1759. Designed to protect the fort from landward attacks. 

Well, I sure hope you enjoyed our visit to Old Fort Niagara, as you can see it was time well spent with the kids.

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  1. Nice place to visit with your family. Educational too. I like that a lot. Thanks Sam.

    1. We had a lot of fun Olivia, it is a great place to learn. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. How cool you got to visit Fort Niagara with your grandsons. I have a grandson named Tyler, too. :) I've been to Niagara Falls more times than I can count (probably 6X a summer ALL my life growing up and more since), but have never been to Fort Niagara. I grew up near Lake Ontario in the Rochester, NY area.

    Last month I had my 14-year-old grandson visit me here in Savannah, GA and I took him to visit Fort Pulaski on the Savannah River. Your photos of the canons are very similar to the ones we saw. Boys for sure enjoy seeing canons. My grandson even got a miniature canon in the gift shop to take home as a memory! :)

    1. If you're ever in the area again Old Fort Niagara is worth the trip. Our grandson left the gift shop with a replica of a musket!!! Thanks Pat for stopping by I hope you're having a great week!

  3. I've been to Niagara once... but I did not know about the Old Fort Niagara! If I ever make it back to the area, I will stop to tour!

  4. I've been to Niagara once... but I did not know about the Old Fort Niagara! If I ever make it back to the area, I will stop to tour!

    1. A fun way to spend an afternoon Dawn, I love the history. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. There really is so much to do on a mini vacation there. It's not just visiting the falls :)

    1. I agree Lorelei, there is so much in the surrounding area to do and most of it is historical. I do love the history. Thanks, and have a great week :)

  6. The fort sounds like a fascinating place to visit, Sam! I had no idea they were only issued one uniform and required to wear it every day. Yikes!!! I guess if you all smell the same way, you don't notice is so much, but jeepers, in our current day, it is simply hard to imagine. Btw, I know how long it takes to load a musket. Can you imagine going to war, or defending yourself against an armed force, with only one musket? Makes me realize how blessed I am to live in this time and place.


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