Saturday, July 1, 2017

Classic Tinker Toys Construction Set

classic tinker toys construction set
Tinkertoy Classic construction sets have been around for as long as I can remember.

I played with these when I was a kid, and that was a long time ago. My kids played with tinker toys and now my grandchildren are doing the same.

Did you know that Tinker Toys were created by a stonemason? He came up with the design after watching kids play with sticks and spools. 

classic wooded tinker toys
Who would have ever imagined that wooden sticks and spools with holes in them could hold the attention of a child for so long?

This is Tyler with just one of his many creations from our classic wooden tinker toys set.

Tyler will sit and build with these for hours and when he finishes one his projects he can't wait to show it off.

I sit and watch Tyler play with something that he has already built, and I'm just amazed at how his imagination runs wild. 

He plays with it for a while then tears it apart and begins to build something new. The ages on the 225 piece set that we have are 3+. How true, because I have just as much fun building with him.

Classic Wooden Tinker Toys are the perfect gift for boys and girls alike.

Here are just a few Tinkertoy Construction Sets to choose from

Friday, June 9, 2017

Me Reader Book Sets

me reader book sets
In my opinion, it is never too early for kids to start reading.

As parents and grandparents, we all want to see our children learn as much as the can.

Our grandson Tyler, got this Star Wars Me Reader as a gift. 

 The Me Reader story reader comes with 8 books and me a reader pad. Choose which book you want to read along both the sides of the pad.

 The icons in the middle of the electronic pad are displayed on each page. Just press the corresponding icon and it reads that page. 

Tyler was so excited to show me his new gift. He opened one of the books and pushed the icon for that page. The e-reader read the page then he looked at me and said: "Is that what it says, grandpa".

I don't believe that this is a substitute for reading to your children. I just think that this is a great way for kids to enjoy books.

These children e-readers make great gifts and are perfect for traveling and summer time reading.  

Reading over the summer can keep the kids in tune to what they learned in school and help prepare for the next school year.

Is this the best e-reader buy? I really don't know all I can tell you is that our grandson loves this one. And, there are so many other Me Reader books sets to choose from. 

I've read many of the reviews and like all products, there are some bad and good. I can say that most are good reviews on the Me Reader Book Sets.

Choose your favorite Me Reader Story

Monday, May 8, 2017

Salamander Dance Children's Book Review

yellow spotted salamander facts

Salamander Dance is a great and fun way to introduce your children to nature. We picked this book up last year at a local nature reserve Roger Tory Peterson Institute.

We read it to our youngest grandson Tyler over and over again. He just can't seem to get enough of it, he learns something new every time we read it, I also learned some things reading Salamander Dance.

The book is well illustrated and well written. Teaching us the life cycle of the spotted salamander. 

From the time they leave their woodland homes and travel to the early spring time vernal pools. This is where they perform their annual Salamander Dance at the bottom of the pools.

Vernal pools fill with water from the melting snow and the early spring rains and then dry up in the summer. 

Within three days the females lay their eggs attaching them to twigs and branches at to bottom of the pools. The young salamanders are born with gills so they can breathe under water.

When spring moves into summer the vernal pools begin to dry up. The young salamanders lose their gills and grow lungs so they can breathe on land. They can now leave the dried up pools and find their woodland homes.

spotted salamander fun facts

Almost every page has spotted salamander pictures in their natural habitat.

I learned so much myself from this book. And, I highly recommend Salamander Dance for the kids.

Can't wait? Buy it Now: Salamander Dance 

About the Author:

Salamander Dance was written by David FitzSimmons. He is a freelance writer and photographer. And, has written award-winning children's books about Curious Critters. His books have sold over 100,000 copies:

The Illustrator is Michael DiGiorgio he is nationally recognized as a nature artist.

More Children's books from David FitzSimmons

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