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Friday, April 28, 2017

Disney Bedtime Favorites Books

Disney bedtime favorites books
Any parent or grandparent will love having Disney children favorites handy for bedtime.

We read many of these stories to our kids and now we get to read them to our grandchildren. How special is that?

Our oldest grandson Bobby has outgrown these bedtime stories but his little brother Tyler and our granddaughter Giada are a perfect age.

When we're having a fun sleepover and it's difficult to get them to go to bed we pick up our copy of Disney bedtime favorites. When they see the book they get excited to hear a story or two.

Disney children favorites
 Our copy has many of the Disney favorites with nineteen bedtime stories.

Mickey Mouse, Finding Nemo, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and so much more.

Along with the movies, this is a fun way to introduce the Disney characters to the children. The pictures are beautiful and very well illustrated making it easy to point out and learn the characters. Sometimes I try to mimic the characters voices. I'm not very good at this but it does make the kids laugh.

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The many editions of Disney Bedtime Favorites Books. Grab one today and enjoy the fun.

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